Ania Aliev of Life Support Systems

A Word from Ania

I first learned about RFC from other searchers and ended up cold-outreaching to Matt. I could not be happier that I did because they have been amazing partners throughout this whole process. RFC sets their searchers up for success across all stages of the search from the very beginning. Before I launched my fundraise, they helped introduce me to new investors I had not met before. After starting my fund, the resource base was tremendously helpful across every stage of the search life cycle. At the beginning of my search, it was great to see lots of different materials for getting up and running. As my search progressed, the models were extremely useful as they saved my team massive amounts of time. When I was ready to submit an LOI, they were helpful in assisting me craft the best offer for the deal. Once I started due diligence, I had access to diligence frameworks that made it easier for me to work through the diligence phase properly as it was my first time running a process like that. Now, as a CEO, they are fantastic at sharing the tools that they have seen other search CEOs use successfully. Additionally, they are actively assisting me with identifying the proper metrics to track overall success for the business. Beyond resources, RFC always makes themselves available and I never feel like I cannot reach out to them about something.

 RFC is a wonderful partner to have throughout the search process. They are honest, analytical, and willing to help solve any problem at any stage of the search journey. Matt and Max have consistently assisted me with anything and everything that has come up no matter the size of the problem (small or large!). Overall, I am lucky to have partners like them throughout this process and feel confident that I can count on them.