Jose Barreto of Glendale Parade Store

A Word from Jose

Matt Burr and Red Forest were pivotal for my success as a searcher with Clotho Holdings, helping me acquire Glendale Parade Store in 14 months of searching. Red Forest distinguishes itself amongst other investors in the search community because they are willing to jump in the trenches with you – during the due diligence, during the search, and even post-acquisition (despite not being on my board); every time I have reached out to Red Forest they have responded and guided me in the best direction. I utilized the resources in their database multiple times, to find brokers, to analyze industries, even to get the templates for LOIs and IOI’s – their material is phenomenal and it speaks to centuries of supporting searchers.

Jose Barreto, CEO of Glendale Parade Store

Red Forest and Matt are truly a “caring investor”; they care about understanding the business, they care about getting to know the searcher, and they genuinely care about the searcher / business fit.  Red Forest also provides a ton of support with years of materials, so searchers have a kick start set of documents, they will help run analysis when needed, and have a deep understanding of many industries that is invaluable.

Matt is easily one of my favorite investors – he is helpful, honest, responsive, and kind. During my acquisition of Glendale Parade Store, as a Solo searcher, I relied on Matt for support in many areas I did not know how to approach, he was extremely supportive, kind, and guided me with honesty on the best way to approach. They are hands down the best!