Dan Schweber of Atlantic Duct Cleaning

A Word from Dan

When I was in business school and first exploring search, Matt and RFC kept being mentioned by searchers that I spoke with. Universally, everyone had great things to say. I soon connected with Matt, and we hit it off on a personal level and also shared a similar investment philosophy. Soon thereafter, RFC became an investor in my search, followed later as an investor in the acquisition, and now sits on the board of Atlantic Duct Cleaning.

Throughout my search, I found RFC to be helpful by sharing their various resources, which included industry research, preferred lender lists, LBO models, various calculators, diligence workplan templates, access to expert networks, and more. Importantly, RFC always made themselves available for issues big and small, and I found their frequent availability to "lend an ear" to be quite beneficial given the challenges of being a solo searcher. They also were quick to make introductions to anyone they knew who could be of help vis a vis whatever industry or investment opportunity I was looking into.

During due diligence, RFC continued their involvement by helping me role-play negotiations and advising me on structuring the acquisition. Given our great relationship developed over the search phase, I asked Matt to serve on the board of Atlantic Duct Cleaning, and am so grateful that he said yes. We are now over four years into our partnership and working hand-in-hand to grow the acquired business

As a searcher, if you are lucky, you will have many investors to potentially partner with. In Matt, I have found an investor who is aligned in terms of investment philosophy, but also one who brings a unique perspective, is easy to talk to, and has the experience to guide me through the many trials & tribulations as a first time searcher & CEO.